May 4, 2020

Hello, there! My name is Vaibhav Dwivedi. I am from Delhi, India. I have a great passion for making and breaking things. Since childhood, I have been an absolute fan of technologies which progressed with time. This blog is about how it all started...

Story Time

I started programming after I discovered this platform called Wapka (anyone?). It was a place where you could create mobile sites, primarily using XML. Being curious, I explored XML and learned about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Thus began my journey as a "webmaster".

space cat aka most devs
What most developers look like.

Since then, I have been playing with Javascript and frameworks based on it. I have hands-on experience with React, jQuery, Svelte, etc., but most of the time I stick with React. The categories or areas I have fiddled in include Cryptocurrency, Augmented / Virtual Reality and even Data science (which is very interesting with Python!).

While my interests are not limited to coding, they also include sketching characters, drawing things, reading books and learning something new!

I believe one should always be learning something as the compounding of knowledge helps you in various aspects of growing in life.

I love helping people and sharing my knowledge, which sometimes motivates others to reach their goals. I hope you will learn a few things from my journey and what I write here. You can message me on twitter - I would love to talk with you.


You can join my email list to receive all the updates on what I am building, current book and more. Also, Because I am always into learning, I would share things that I learn. For example, I am reading about Psychology these days and how we can utilise that to create better understanding towards things, mindset, perspective. Trust me, It is wonderful. I would love to share it with you and know your thoughts.

Until then 👋.